Why Do People Use Virtual Private Networks While On The Internet

While you might not fully know or understand what a VPN is, you should be using one. This is especially true if you connect at all to public WiFi hotspots at anytime throughout the day. In order to understand why you should be using one, we will first go over exactly what a VPN is.

What Is a VPN?

To put it simply, a VPN is a group of networks and/or computers that are streamlined together in order to reduce visibility of users on the network traffic.

Thus, if you connect to a VPN as a user, your Internet traffic will be re-routed through this network of computers and your traffic will be completely anonymous to your Internet Service Provider and anyone that is snooping in on the pubic WiFi hotspot

In order to connect to a VPN, you are typically going to launch a dedicated VPN client on your computer and/or Internet capable device. You will get credentials that you would use to log in.

Why Use One?

1. More Secure.

One of the main reasons people utilize a VPN is to gain more security while they are traveling and/or utilizing public WiFi hotspots. Just like you secure your home with an alarm company, you should use a VPN to secure your internet usage.

After all, your traffic is going to be completely insecure if you utilize these kinds of networks without one. Therefore, if you are someone that logs into public hotspots, you will want to invest in a VPN immediately.

2. Downloading Files.

Whether you are downloading files legally or illegally, you might want to invest in a VPN to better avoid any kinds of complications that could arise. If you do not want your Internet Service Provider to see what you are doing on the Internet and see what you are downloading, a VPN is a very good option.

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